About us

PR Productions

PR Productions was established by Ray Durkin and Paul Gibson in January 2001 ready for their first production of ‘Aladdin’ to be performed in January 2002 at the Abbey Theatre in Nuneaton.

We chose Aladdin as our first pantomime as we believe it to be one of the most spectacular of all with the genie of the lamp, a glittering cave of jewels and a flying carpet to add to the magic. We wanted the production to be new and innovative without straying too far from the traditions of the good old British Panto.

The Scripts

The scripts are especially written for PR each year by Paul Gibson, Ray Durkin & Rob Hiatt. Aladdin was the third pantomime that the trio have penned, the first two being the hugely successful ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’- Bedworth Civic Hall 1996 and ‘Robinson Crusoe’ – Bedworth Civic Hall 2000.

“Writing a pantomime is not simply a matter of throwing a few tried and tested gags at a fairytale to see if they stick (although it works for some). We begin by developing a very strong story then adapting the comedy, music and dancing around this story. Our aim is to capture our audience, children and adults, and take them on a magical journey – often a rather silly journey with a few wrong turns, but a journey none the less. And when the journey is over, we hope that our audience have enjoyed themselves enough to want to return year after year.”

The Music

To complement the script we welcome the immeasurable talent of composer Andy Mackereth who has created an original music score and lyrics for each of our 8 pantomimes.

The Dancing

Dance schools from all over the borough are invited to audition for our two 24 strong teams of dancers ranging from 6 to 16 years of age.  We then compliment them with a team of 6 senior dancers and a small but beautifully formed ensemble.